Stand Up And Lead

Antifa Hunted Them Down

September 18, 2020

In his previous video, THE SHOT SEEN ROUND THE WORLD, Geoffrey Botkin warned viewers about mob violence. Those who are separated from safety and surrounded by a frenzied mob can suffer serious injury or death. One hour after recording that video, Aaron Danielson was murdered in Portland because he and a friend were isolated and then hunted down.

2,000 American cities have suffered political rioting in 2020. Where it is tolerated by “authorities,” violence gets worse and once-peaceful cities become war zones. For those citizens who are serious about fighting hard for peace, Botkin offers three practical but challenging alternatives to violent civil war.

“The people intent on rioting, violence, arson, and assault are not peaceful protestors; they are criminals who come prepared with helmets, masks, shields, fake “press” passes, rocks, mortars, fireworks, and other handheld weapons. They were not peacefully using words or signs of protest to enact social reform, racial equity, or police reform; they were wielding weapons meant to destroy property and harm people.” Daryl Turner, President of the Portland Police Association

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